Baseball becomes relative… again


Greetings first time readers and long termed customers!  I caught wind of’s blogging interface and I’ve decided to bring Baseball and Relativity to you in a snazzy new way!!  Since last we met I’ve ventured to the Baseball Hall of Fame in lovely yet judicial Cooperstown New York (long story), the Jays turned in another promising/dissapointing second half effort and the Phillies broke their 28 year drought!! Ouch!

That being said – let’s get topical.  Just recently the Jays added once highly touted Canadian pitching prodigy Adam Loewen.  Since being drafted by the Orioles in the first round of 2002 Loewen has pitched in 35 games over three years with a record of 8-8.  His combined ERA is above five runs and his WHIP is 1.640. 

Needles to say that this once exciting minor leaguer, now nearly 25 years of age, needs to have a breakout year in Toronto or he’ll risk being a never-was.  What’s Loewen’s, a 6’5″ power pitcher, biggest trouble? Control.  Take a look at his walks –

As a result of his pitching woes Loewen intends to break into the league as an outfielder.  If he’s at least as successful as Ankiel was in St. Louis he’ll be a marginal major leaguer.

The Loewen move is just another in a string of mildly intelligent, low risk, boring moves by JP Riccardi.  Loewen was expected to wow us with his over powering stuff.  A string of small injuries and setbacks and he’s primed to follow Brad Wilkerson, Kevin Mench, Shannon Stewart and a slew of other low risk-low reward OF’s who have played roles in Toronto.  At least we don’t blow huge amounts of money on these guysl; at most we will never compete without imposing bats and reliable every-day players.

Adam Loewen – one more jersey I’ll never buy.  Sorry, Surrey.    


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