Big Splashes, Free Agents, Hot Stoves

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You don’t save a pitcher for tomorrow.  Tomorrow it may rain.  ~Leo Durocher, in New York Times, 16 May 1965

Without a serious rebuilding phase in sight, one that may include the Jays’ willingness to deal the likes of Roy Halladay or Vernon Wells for a slew of young prospects (a debate for another time) I am advocating the acquisition of someone to fill a role that has been, despite flashes of greatness from Wells and former Jay Troy Glaus, vacant since the days of Delgado: The imposing (often left-handed) power threat.

For a moment, let’s forget the ridiculous musings in Toronto area newspapers about Barry Bonds last season.  He would have neither helped us in the short term nor furthered us as a club in the years to come.  Let us focus on the Hot Stove of November 5, 2008.

Shortlist of Players Available to Fill this Role:

Ken Griffey
Manny Ramierez
Mark Teixeira
Frank Thomas

Griffey: Oh what could have been!  I spent countless hours of my childhood with the Kid smashing homer after homer on my SNES.  Unfotunately, injuries have rendered the once mighty slugger a lesser player and accordingly he is not a serious option.  Let’s hope not at least!

Ramierez: Sure, he’s not a lefty at all.  Sure! He’s 36 and will likely command upwards of 20 million dollars a season.  BUT if Manny can give us just a couple of those years that have made him one of the, if not the most, consistently productive batsmen in baseball he could seriously breath life into the Toronto franchise.  Picking up Manny would allow us to shed Lind before he is relegated to perenial second tier status and give the Jays the most productive offensive outfield in baseball. (Unless they move Manny to DH)  What’s more would be watching Manny face off against his former team, the Red Sox, as he launches ball after ball into the left field seats.   

Tex:  Not a bad option.  His salary will be huge but he would allow the Jays to move dead weight such as the fading Lyle Overbay.  Unfortunately nobody thinks that there’s a chance that Tex would even consider a move this far north.

Thomas: Just kiddin’. 

I have a sneaking suspicion that Riccardi will use some of the capital freed by AJ’s departure to bring in some help for the rotation.  In the wake of that kind of move, the Jays will either have to suffice with their current lineup or seek help via the trade.   Don’t expect a playoff birth in Toronto, however, without some serious pop J.P.

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  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Hey dude,

    Great blog, delightful reading your take on the Jays. I’m getting pretty amped about the World Baseball Classic as well. The last one showed that there were only a handful of teams that were really taking the thing seriously (i.e. Japan and Cuba). I think this time around, the U.S. will be wanting to prove something. Hopefully, it is not at the expense of Roy Halladay’s arm.

    Anyway, keep on giving it to the front office! It is always fun, I agree.


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