A Neutral Site for the World Series?

“The only reason I don’t like playing in the World Series is I can’t watch myself play.”
Reggie Jackson

As a primer for this article, and in a way to ensure that I do not come across as a plagiarist, I urge you to read this article over at foxsports.com.

Now, let’s dissect it.

To make my position quite clear I would rather the World Series be played in the ballparks of the participating teams.  That being said, allow me to offer an antithesis.  The prime reason, I would argue, to play the World Series in a neutral ball ballpark that has a retractable roof is not the weather.  While the weather wreaked havoc on this year’s Series, causing a number of very avoidable problems, weather is not often an unaddressable issue in October.  That being said, there is no doubt that the main impetus behind a neutral ball park in a city that does not already have a Major League team but can support such an event is purely financial.  Super Bowl Week is wonderfully marketable. 

Knowing the host city in advance, the marketing starts months before the teams are decided.  Grocery stores are adorned with large cardboard cutouts with the Superbowl’s logo, countless festivals are planned and overall the sport of football benefits from the yearly boom in shared economic prosperity.  One can only imagine the mass exodus to Nashville as World Seriesers get ready to watch the League’s championships. 

This is the point where I should discuss baseball’s purity, the comfort of the players in their home parks, the right of the fan to watch as heroes are born, or as legends are cemented.  Aw heck, even my opening line insinuates that as my opinion.

And it is.

But I’ll fight fire with fire.  The season ticket holders.  How many folks who own season tickets do so much because they look forward to having the right to buying playoff tickets?  While I do not have a set of statistics to back up my inference, I’m a blogger not an investigative reporter, I imagine the number is high.  It would be simply impossible to offer season ticket holders the right to purchase tickets for a World Series played across the country.  You would seriously run the risk of a half empty stadium as zealous fans run out of ideas as to how to get to Nashville, or Las Vegas. 

I implore you, Major League Baseball. Keep the Series how it is.  Don’t fix what’s not (aside from in 2008) broke. 



One comment

  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Rain delays, postponements etc… are a part of the game, not just in October. I like the mystique of the cold fall air, well in Northern outdoor ballparks. A neutral site would be ridiculous for a series of games. People aren’t going to make week filled excursions.

    It would also stray a little too far from the tradition of the game for my liking, not that the new playoff format, interleague play and new divisons already hasn’t.

    There is something about Joe Carter hitting that homerun in ????… Houston that doesn’t sit well with me. I agree that it is a terrible idea. Great entry and interesting article!

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