Big Spenders? Why Not!

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As this is a Blue Jays blog, I’d like to make some comments concerning what Dayn Perry sees in store for the Jays.  Dayn Perry calls the Jays the most underrated team from 2008.  Noted.  He then goes on to call the team a potential stealth contender.  Stealth contender? With a 100 million dollar budget?  Is that the best we can hope for? Oh, the pain of competing in the AL East. 

Enough lamentation, now on to the players.

A.J. Burnett: Is he worth it?  It’s a toss up.  A contract tendered to AJ would likely need to be in the range of 4 years at 15-18 million dollars at this point.  IF he enjoys the kind of success that he enjoyed in 2008, then it would be a good deal.  If, however, he follows his career trend then the Jays figure to only get one to two good years of the next four.  That would make Burnett grossly overpriced.  I tend to think he’ll find his way back to the DL one to two too many times to make him worth that kind of money.  Trading for a pitcher would cost us too much in the ways of prospects, as premium pitching is very hard to come by, so we may have to settle for a lesser talent at a reduced price. 

Raphael Furcal: The Blue Jays need an upgrade at short.  I do not think it is prudent to move Hill over to short in anything less than the most convenient situations (for example, getting Brian Roberts).  So we will need to lure a shortstop to Toronto.  Growing up watching a lot of TBS I have a soft spot for Furcal.  That being said, his last good season was 2006, he is coming off of an injury plagued campaign in which he hit very well in a small sample size of ABs and he is now over 30 years old, making him a liability as a speedster and as a shortstop. 

Mixed messages, Dave?

Absolutely.  I would support Furcal in a Jays uniform, but only under a few conditions.  We cannot offer him more than a 3-4 year contract (perhaps 3 with a team option?) and we’ll need to keep Johnny Mac to back Furcal up when his defense becomes suspect.

Orlando Cabrera: The best move the 2004 Red Sox made was to add Cabrera for their playoff run.  Could he work for the Jays in 2009?  Sure!  Not only are his stats just a shade worse than Furcals in his last couple of seasons (as compared to Furcals last full season or two) but he would be substantially cheaper.  The issue with Cabrera is that he is quite old for a shortstop/leadoff man and I would advocated a contract length of no more than 2 years with a club/mutual option for a third. 

Snider/Big Splashes (Manny):  The Jays need to make the playoffs now. If not, rebuild.  Snider could fit into both.  A big splash such as Manny, however, fits into just one plan.  There are three ways the Jays could spend their money this year.  Bring back AJ and a cheap upgrade at short, bring in Manny and find a way to get a pitcher, or purchase a number of mediocre talent to fill positions.

We’ve tried the latter a number of times and my thoughts are known about Burnett.  Get sassy Toronto – let’s bring us a pennant in 2009.





  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    It will be interesting to see if Teddy is fork some more money over to fill our pretty thin three man rotation right now (i.e. Halladay, Litsch and Purcey) assuming McGowan cannot come back from a pretty bad injury. That is my big concern, but the hitting was also terrible last year. The Jays are a mess right now, it looks like. A big splash would be great, but we have too many problems filling out our depth chart to make that call it seems.

    I think Perry might be vesting too much into Snider. He is very young and not ready to step into the cleanup role just yet, but it would be nice if he could make that leap.

  2. joefromnewhampshire

    The only thing about Burnett’s 2008 is that he struck out a ton of batters and didn’t walk TOO many to overcome. Yet with a very good D behind him, he still posted an ERA+ of only 105 (4.07). Now posting 231 K’s with 86 walks should generally result in a better ERA,ERA+ than that, and he did have a pretty high BABIP (.318). But still, Burnett didn’t have some truly great year like I have been hearing, although did throw a lot of innings. I would let him sign elsewhere if he really wanted 4 years and $15-$18 million, and I wouldn’t regret it. Then if they really wanted to, try and bring in Lowe for a little less money, and of course he is very durable, and a sinkerball pitcher, who would have a good defense behind him. But I may go a totally different direction with this team if I was running it, but that is another story.

  3. Jane Heller

    Nice blog. This is my first visit! I’ve got a question about Orlando Cabrera. He’s been a good shortstop for a very long time, even hits with power. He’s certainly been a Yankees (my team) killer over the years. So why has he bounced from team to team? Is he not a good clubhouse guy? The only thing I’ve ever heard is that he and Renteria are enemies.

  4. Byrne

    While it took me a few days to pine this over, I think I have come to some sort of a conclusion. Cabrera actually spent a great deal of time with Montreal. He left via a huge trade that Boston engineered to get help for a playoff run. He then was a free agent and received a better deal in LA. He spent a couple of seasons in LA but ended up in Chicago via the trade once again. Conclusion: He is a wanted commodity that teams have been willing to go after, not a cancer/unreliable player.

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