No Deal? A Revelation on Rotation


I always tried to do the best. I knew I couldn’t always be the best, but I tried to be. Frank Robinson

I was over at today, reading this week’s edition of the mailbag.
In one letter Mark B. from wonderful Aurora, Ontario asked what Jordan Bastian thought the Blue Jays’ 2009 rotation would look like.  Recapping the situation Bastian reminded the reader, and by extension all of us, that the Blue Jays will not be able to match the length or the monetary value of the deals that Burnett will be receiving and as a result the Jays will have two returning starters from 2008 on opening day 2009. (McGowan will return some time before the All Star Break, hopefully as early as May). 

After briefly discussing the free agents available, assuming that Burnett will not come back to Toronto on a goodwill basis, Bastian added that Toronto may put together out of available options from within the club. 

Assuming that Roy Halladay is the only reliable starters, with McGowan hurt and Litsch not yet a proven commodity, is anyone in Toronto willing to accept a rotation that is made up of a combination of Scott Downs, David Purcey, Brad Mills, Casey Janssen, Scott Richmond, Brett Cecil, Ricky Romero or David Romero?  Scott Downs is a good reliever with mild success as a starter.  David Purcey was acceptable in his role as a spot starter last year.  I’m personally excited to see a return on Ricky Romero, the must own prospect that we chose over Troy Tulowitzky.  I am also excited to see what Janssen can do. 

All things considered, however, we are giving up on 2009 if our pitching staff is Roy & Co. with the & Co. section being a bunch of unproven side projects.  Frank Robinson always tried to do his best, but the Jays will be doing less than their best without going after pitchers with at least the record of guys like Brad Penny.  Give fans a reason to come to the ballpark in 2009, Ted.  We’ll respond, like we always have when we’re competitve, by supporting the team.  We may be fair weathered fans here in Toronto, but at least we will support a team that is worth supporting.  There will be no empty seats in the playoffs, if we ever see them again.



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