All the wild horses in the sun…

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Never talk defeat. Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory.
Norman Vincent Peale

I would like to say something to the effect of “Really busy these days fellas, now back into the wonderful world of the Blue Jays!”  In fact, I would settle for “The flu I had this weekend kept me down, sorry I didn’t write.”  Regrettably, that is not the case.  What do we have to stomach lately in the land of the Azure Birds?  This.

The Jays wont go wild in this Winter.  That’s fine, I can stomach that.  Tell me, JP, that you don’t have the money.  Tell me that all the free agents that are worth their weight are too expensive.  Tell me that Uncle Ted has tightened the purse strings and, by proxy, your hands.  Just don’t tell me that you’re planning on resigning AJ or that you’re going to fill the roster with washups, hasbeens and neverweres (Jose Bautista, Matt Stairs [sorry toronto fans, but his success was a fluke], Marco Scutaro, David Eckstein et all). 

What do I want to hear?

JP: Thanks for having me on the Fan 590 tonight.  Now, Blue Jay fans, due to the economic downturn the Jays are going to have to be fickle.  To turn this squad around we’re going to cut our dead weight and start fresh.  It may not take effect immidately, but leading up to the 2009 trade deadline all Blue Jays are available in trade talks.  Everyone knows I love Oakland, now its time to start thinking like Billy Beane as opposed to taking his scrap heap junk and turning them into Blue Jays.  And Like Oakland, we will soon see the light of the playoffs – you just may not recognize the squad.




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