Are You Serious?

This is a quote from this week’s mailbag by staff writer Jordan Bastian over at

“If the Blue Jays were in an all-out rebuilding mode, the club would
probably be interested in seeing what kind of package it could receive
for players such as Ryan, or even ace Roy Halladay. Toronto isn’t
looking to blow up its roster, though. Ricciardi believes his club is
in good shape to compete again in 2010.”

God Bless you JB for tolerating this sort of nonsense and making Riccardi seem remotely defensible.  For us who have had to tolerate this kind of garbage for the better part of a decade the message needs to be clear; either you’re planning to compete, rebuilding or you’re deconstructing. 

JP, however, has decided to ask the faithful in Toronto to help him place postage stamps on the 2009 season months before it begins, mail it in and look towards 2010.  Regrettably by that time you’ll have lost so much of your fan support and sponsorship in the current financial climate that it will take whoever replaces you, Mr. Riccardi, another decade to make this team a competitor. 

Here’s a thought, ownership; get rid of JP and whipe clean the front office and bring in someone who knows and who is used to winning.  Then, watch the revenues come in! Toronto is a fair weather team.  That means, though, that you have to win to produce fans. 




  1. juliasrants

    So if the Blue Jays aren’t planning on being competitive in 2009, maybe they should just take the whole season off and spare their fans the expense of coming to the game. I mean if their not planning on winning why should anyone go?


  2. Byrne

    In a minimalist way I agree with you. Last year I purchased the Toronto Star pass and took large groups to the game four times. All together I attended roughly 30 home games. I’ve already decided that with JP’s bantering it won’t be worth it to pick up the Toronto Star pass – its just not fun watching the team lose from the cheap seats. What’s left? A handful of group seats. In the very least our GM should be making us feel as if there is a chance if he’s not looking to rebuild. When we sent Frank Thomas away early in 08 most Jays’ faithful knew that the season was over. This year we didn’t even have to wait to turn the calendar’s page…

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