The Good Point!

Hey friends.

Here’s another article I’ve written recently:

In retrospect I should have written the entire piece on Ortiz and the decline phase – maybe another time.



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  1. welikeroywelikeroy


    Good work! Nice to see you writing over that site! So you are basically blaming age/injury and possibly steriods for the decline of Ortiz, as I can see.

    I agree with the first of the those presumptions. Injury and age can quickly catch up to any player and it seems as though it may have with Ortiz. His bat speed looks on the decline, same with his pitch recognition at the plate, from what i can see.

    As for steriods, Ortiz does not strike me as the sort. When he got into the league, he was already a ‘big man,’ with Minnesota. He generates a lot of power with his legs, and the body mass that exists with him looks to be ‘god given.’ But you never know, right? He was very tight with Manny?

    Great article though! You made some great points about why players get into trouble at certain points in their career.

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