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Teaser and the Firecat

Forgive my lack of entries these days – I am bogged down with an exam season here at the University of Toronto that will see me hand in 7 things in 7 days.

Much a product of these stressful times, I’ve become sentimental.  Here you go, Blue Jays faithful – praise for Riccardi.

It was reported by foxsports.com at just before 2 am last night that the Blue Jays had met with Rafael Furcal’s agents.  In these troubling economic time the Blue Jays may be offering Furcal the stability of a multi year contract over the lure of a big, short term payoff.  Given the state of financial matters these days I can understand the allure.

If you can’t spent with other teams, JP, you may as well offer something that other teams cannot – stability. 

Sure, you may end up being burned, but there are few other options.



Rumours of Glory

The world is much abuzz with the onset of the true Free Agent season, and there are many rumours concerning the Jays that we should address.  Let’s break it down situation by situation, player by player.

Big Bat:

Manny Ramirez:
Jordan Bastian says it best.  The Jays probably cannot afford Manny. I’m not too sad to see him go, but I wouldn’t have been sad to see him here, either. What other options are there?

Jason Giambi:
In his seven years in New York Giambi enjoyed five productive years, including three of the last four, and two not so productive years.  On top of that he weathered the storms of steroid abuse, and brought back the mustache to New York, reminding Yankee fans of greats like Reggie Jackson.  At age 37, however, Giambi has the best years of his career behind him.  Jays, expect Frank Thomas like production from JG if you tender him a contract. 

Milton Bradley:
Forget about it.  You can keep the funnest player in the game’s league leading OPS, Canada doesn’t want the headache.  Even with Cito, a much more calm and level headed manager than John Gibbons was, notable jerks don’t fair well in Toronto.  Not only is Bradley a pain in the neck, he also has avoided providing his teams with the breakout season that scouts once envisioned.  It’s fun getting into trouble, but I’ll have to say sorry to Milton.

Raul Ibanez:
I’m not always negative!  I think Ibanez would be a great fit in Toronto.  Ibanez is aging quite well, is a premier offensive player in a number of offensive categories, would give us room to trade the likes of Adam Lind (his value will never be as high as it is now), and would probably welcome the chance to spend time at DH.  We tried once to get him and failed.  What about another go?

Bobby Abreu:
Not quite the unheralded marvel for fantasy owners that he once was, Abreu is a great player and would be a great addition under certain circumstances.  Let’s be honest, with how low his HR totals have been over the last few years, his high rbi totals are mostly due to the lineup in which he plays.  On the other hand an outfield of Wells, Rios and Abreu would be tremendous, considering one is willing to play LF.  What does that mean for Lind and Snyder?  One, if not both of them would have to go.  Abreu is too athletic to DH, Snyder is probably too young, and Lind doesn’t hit well enough.  Abreu may cause more problems than he solves. 


Rafeal Furcal:
I’ve already made the case for Raf a week or so ago.  Great pickup if we can get him.  Picking up Raf, Ibanez and a good pitcher would make Toronto a real contender I believe. 

Khalil Greene:
WARNING!!! FLUKE YEAR IN 2007!!! Since 2004 he’s only had one season where he’s played more than 121 games.  2007 was a fluke because of injury woes, not because of talent (of which Khalil has plenty).  If you pick this cat up, JP, get ready to give up your job the second he’s injured.  Let Burnett and Glaus teach you that.

Premium Arm

Some of the best reading I’ve done today was over at the hotstove blog where I noticed AJ’s agent had expressed interest in Atlanta and that Atlanta had given up hope, at least somewhat, in acquiring Peavy.  Go AJ.  Go far.  Go so far that we don’t even have to tolerate you in anything more than the odd interleague matchup. 

It is tempting to think of the chance of having another Canadian on the team.  I miss Stairs.  Dempster is positionally versataile, his injury plagued seasons are three years behind him and he’s coming off a successful transition back into a starter.  Finishing sixth in the crowded NL Cy Young race Dempster had an era below 3 and just over 1.2 WHIP.  Solid.

Ben Sheets:

Just kidding – I’ll explain myself.  I wasn’t always allergic to injuries.  But the Jays 2006-2008 seasons have me so scared I won’t even go for a checkup at the doctor.  Great talent here but his injury track record is awful.  Let someone else waste their money.

Brad Penny: 
Hmmm, didn’t know he was an option.  His under-the-radar status, due to his recent injury troubles, may make him affordable.  Unlike Sheets he has pitched a couple of full seasons recently and looked very good for the offensively anemic Dodgers in 2007.  Worth a shot!

There you have it, what do you think? 


Big Spenders? Why Not!

Before you read this post take a minute or two to review this article over at foxsports.com.

Finished yet? Good.

As this is a Blue Jays blog, I’d like to make some comments concerning what Dayn Perry sees in store for the Jays.  Dayn Perry calls the Jays the most underrated team from 2008.  Noted.  He then goes on to call the team a potential stealth contender.  Stealth contender? With a 100 million dollar budget?  Is that the best we can hope for? Oh, the pain of competing in the AL East. 

Enough lamentation, now on to the players.

A.J. Burnett: Is he worth it?  It’s a toss up.  A contract tendered to AJ would likely need to be in the range of 4 years at 15-18 million dollars at this point.  IF he enjoys the kind of success that he enjoyed in 2008, then it would be a good deal.  If, however, he follows his career trend then the Jays figure to only get one to two good years of the next four.  That would make Burnett grossly overpriced.  I tend to think he’ll find his way back to the DL one to two too many times to make him worth that kind of money.  Trading for a pitcher would cost us too much in the ways of prospects, as premium pitching is very hard to come by, so we may have to settle for a lesser talent at a reduced price. 

Raphael Furcal: The Blue Jays need an upgrade at short.  I do not think it is prudent to move Hill over to short in anything less than the most convenient situations (for example, getting Brian Roberts).  So we will need to lure a shortstop to Toronto.  Growing up watching a lot of TBS I have a soft spot for Furcal.  That being said, his last good season was 2006, he is coming off of an injury plagued campaign in which he hit very well in a small sample size of ABs and he is now over 30 years old, making him a liability as a speedster and as a shortstop. 

Mixed messages, Dave?

Absolutely.  I would support Furcal in a Jays uniform, but only under a few conditions.  We cannot offer him more than a 3-4 year contract (perhaps 3 with a team option?) and we’ll need to keep Johnny Mac to back Furcal up when his defense becomes suspect.

Orlando Cabrera: The best move the 2004 Red Sox made was to add Cabrera for their playoff run.  Could he work for the Jays in 2009?  Sure!  Not only are his stats just a shade worse than Furcals in his last couple of seasons (as compared to Furcals last full season or two) but he would be substantially cheaper.  The issue with Cabrera is that he is quite old for a shortstop/leadoff man and I would advocated a contract length of no more than 2 years with a club/mutual option for a third. 

Snider/Big Splashes (Manny):  The Jays need to make the playoffs now. If not, rebuild.  Snider could fit into both.  A big splash such as Manny, however, fits into just one plan.  There are three ways the Jays could spend their money this year.  Bring back AJ and a cheap upgrade at short, bring in Manny and find a way to get a pitcher, or purchase a number of mediocre talent to fill positions.

We’ve tried the latter a number of times and my thoughts are known about Burnett.  Get sassy Toronto – let’s bring us a pennant in 2009.