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Teaser and the Firecat

Forgive my lack of entries these days – I am bogged down with an exam season here at the University of Toronto that will see me hand in 7 things in 7 days.

Much a product of these stressful times, I’ve become sentimental.  Here you go, Blue Jays faithful – praise for Riccardi.

It was reported by foxsports.com at just before 2 am last night that the Blue Jays had met with Rafael Furcal’s agents.  In these troubling economic time the Blue Jays may be offering Furcal the stability of a multi year contract over the lure of a big, short term payoff.  Given the state of financial matters these days I can understand the allure.

If you can’t spent with other teams, JP, you may as well offer something that other teams cannot – stability. 

Sure, you may end up being burned, but there are few other options.