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Ducks and Rocket Launchers

If sources are correct the Yankees have come to terms with yet another big Winter free agent.  Mark Teixeira, it is said, has signed with the Yankees for eight years and 170 million dollars. For what he’s worth statistically Tex is being grossly overpaid but he entered the market young and at the right time not to mention his merits as a switch hitter.

What’s difficult for me here at BnR is dealing with what this means for the American League East.  Its not to say that we’re not used to being wildly outclassed but the Blue Jays are going to have to play the Sox, Rays and Yankees numerous times in the coming season – its not what has happened that is most worrisome but what may happen next that will make it difficult to compete.

With the Rays in possession of an already stellar lineup they should be able to add another bat to compliment the lineup at an affordable cost considering the bevy of outfielders available.  The Red Sox, having missed on the Teixeira sweeptakes, will need to add some sort of a bat and perhaps another bullpen in the arm to stay in contention.  The Yankees, however, will likely continue to make splashes towards constructing a new juggernaut.

Tex doesn’t actually improve the team that much over last year’s squad considering Giambi has departed.  Burnett, a villain to me, may not stay healthy enough to make an impact.  That makes CC Sabathia the best addition and that’s only if the Yankees are able to add Pettite or another free agent pitcher to round out the rotation at Sabbathia, Burnett, Wang __________ and Chamberlain.  What does that mean? Expect another outfielder to compliment the loss of Abreu and the aging of Matsui.

Enter Manny. Yes, I’ve said it.  Manny Ramirez makes the most sense.  Toss another 20-25 million dollars down the pike and round out the squad.  Watch A Rod, Manny and Tex bat together.  Even if they’re not as good as people believe, the sheer task of pitching against these three batsmen in consecutive order will destroy the psyche of lesser pitchers. 

Enjoy the Christmas season in New York.  Its getting colder here in Toronto.